Our fantastic volunteers are hard at work preparing for the grand opening August 8-11! As part of Sit’s innflytting (moving-in) weekend, we’ll be open from 08-20 on Thursday/Friday and 10-16 on Saturday/Sunday. Students are welcome to come by and pick up the essentials 🙂

For larger items (like bookcases) that are supporting other items (like dishes), don’t remove the dishes and take the bookcase- mark the item using the tags provided and pick it up on Sunday afternoon when the bookcase is empty.

General ReStore rules:
1. The first rule of ReStore is respect! Respect your fellow students by taking only what you need so that your fellow students can get what they need too.
2. Reselling goods from ReStore is disrespectful to those who donated and is not allowed.
3. Everyone involved with ReStore is a volunteer. Be excellent to each other, and remember Rule #1.
4. Kids, dogs, and strollers stay outside the building to prevent complete chaos.
5. Keep things as organized as possible- again, this is all volunteer-driven. Don’t make someone clean up after you.
6. Respect the items you take home- keep them in good condition, and when you’re finished, donate them back 🙂

We can always use more volunteers during this weekend- check out the Contact page to find out how to get involved!

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