Where is the old Moholt kindergarten?

Just down the hill from the new Moholt kindergarten- here is a link to our location on google maps

Why are you doing this?

We're just a bunch of people who don't like seeing good stuff go to waste.

This seems really cool, how can I get involved?

Send us a message on FB or email! We’re always happy to have more volunteers. We especially need volunteers in December/January and May/June. Check out the Contact page for details!


When can I come by to take things?

Check our Facebook page for details and updates.

How is that even possible?

All these goods were donated by past students to help you out. We ask that you pay it forward by bringing the items back when you're done with them :)

We are also lucky to have generous support from the Velferdstinget and Sit Bolig.

Is ReStore only for NTNU students?

All students in Trondheim are welcome, whether you’re from NTNU, BI, HiST, or DMMH. PhD students, you’re students too!

I need this table, but it has a bunch of stuff on it. Can I move the stuff and take the table?

Talk to our volunteers (in the super-fly ReStore gear) and we'll figure something out with you.


What sort of things do you take?

We'll take your household goods (big and small) that you think a student would be happy to have! Hangers, laundry racks, kitchen equipment, and desk lamps are especially popular items.

Can you pick up my stuff?

Definetely! Check available pickup dates here. It's free of charge but it all has a cost, so you can donate to us so we can keep doing what we do!

Can I donate my bed/mattress?

Unfortunately not. Due to bedbug concerns we are unable to accept beds, mattresses, bed linens, or bed pillows.